Charge even your Mobile with the AiLI System | AiLI Innovations Solar Powered Water Pump
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Charge even your Mobile with the AiLI System

We’ve all experienced this before – you leave home with a fully charged mobile phone, only to find that you have none left halfway through the day. Now, if you happen to be working with an AiLI pump system, you’re in luck!

Hook your mobile phone right up to the system and charge away! See how it works ?


Aili Innovations Scandinavia AB is an innovative company focused on developing environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions that can improve the living conditions of millions of people worldwide. Our unique water pump is capable of replacing traditional diesel pumps for agricultural irrigation using a small solar panel. Our goal is to enable small-scale family farms to improve their life situation dramatically. Our solution will also save water and help farmers to increase their revenue while protecting the environment.