About | AiLI Innovations Solar Powered Water Pump
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Our mission is to eliminate the need for any woman or child to carry water across lands for their livelihoods and to ultimately replace fossil fuel pumps for a greener tomorrow.

Team AiLI Innovations



Henrik Johansson, lives in Uppsala, has a financial and marketing background and has been working within sales and distribution in several industries for over 25 years. Henrik has worked with IT and business development both in medium and large businesses, nationally and internationally as well as managing his own operations. Henrik has a broad and deep experience and knowledge of international projects and working with people representing many different cultures. Since 2.5 years Henrik has dedicated 100% of his time to the project Aili.


Michael Söderström resides in Stockholm has an economic education from Stockholm University. He started his first company 1988, a mobile bake-off bakery. Then he founded the Swedish Young Shareholders’ Association in 1990 with 18 000 members, where he served as CEO for 4 years. In parallel, in 1992, he founded Mountain Radio in Åre (Radio Rix). In 1994, he founded the production company Rubber-Duck production known for television & radio advertising. In 2001, he founded Artificial Solutions. The company was a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence and is operating in Europe, Asia & the USA.

Founders’ Message

Here at AiLi, we strive to ensure innovations can be profitable and expansive while contributing to a greener planet. In addition, we continue to provide environmentally friendly solutions to empower those with less resources a better future. As our customer, you can focus on driving the business while we help you minimize environmental impacts. As our end-user, we provide you with affordable solar powered tools that can improve your profitability and quality of life. Our ultimate goal is that no woman or child should have to carry water for their daily survival & that no small-scale family farmers should have to use fossil pumps.


Aili Innovations Scandinavia AB is an innovative company focused on developing environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions that can improve the living conditions of millions of people worldwide. Our unique water pump is capable of replacing traditional diesel pumps for agricultural irrigation using a small solar panel. Our goal is to enable small-scale family farms to improve their life situation dramatically. Our solution will also save water and help farmers to increase their revenue while protecting the environment.